The Essentials

I can’t believe i’m finally doing this, but I am!

Hello beautiful!

Thank you for letting your lovely fingers lead you to my blog. We are going to be good friends soon (I hope).

So guys, I always do a lot of talking and dreaming and styling and designing in my head then I thought, why not do all of these and share with the world (starting with you precious one).

So here I am with my fast fingers and my med-priced Android phone, typing away for your entertainment.


The face

I am one of those people who always have their headphones on in an ice-cream shop, fast-food joint or just walking down the road. What you wouldn’t realise is that at that moment my mind is running wild with ideas and concepts. Sometimes I wish I can sell them, then I’ld be buoyant enough to own better gadgets (joker)

But hey, since we are already here and I have a ton of content to share with You how about you stick around and journey through my busy, creative mind together…deal? Yay!

Thank you for reading to the end.

Better days ahead.



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