Fabric Haul!

Hey guys!

So Tuesday is fast becoming my favourite day in the week… I tend to have more time to myself on Tuesdays and I find it very suitable cause trying to balance my 9-5 and my personal business hasn’t been easy but, it’s starting to look up.

Since I had so much free time I decided to capitalise on it. I was on the internet for the better part of the day, learning to improve my craft and blogging and I got inspired by some stylists and bloggers so… I decided to go source for one of my favourite things…fabric! Colourful, stretchy, silky, mesh, Yes! I got all these textures in beautiful colours, I couldn’t help it.

This is a soft silk floral fabric with leopard print side panels. It’s very sleek to the touch with a luxurious flow. I already know what I’ll be making with this and I can’t wait!

This is a chiffon fabric. The patterns are in white and black (forgive the poor picture quality). This fabric is a bit sheer and I think it will make a beautiful after dress.

Oh! How I LOOOVE this fabric!😍 It’s pleated, stretchy, and medium weight. The colour…don’t get me started on the colour! I have a million and twelve design ideas for this fabric and I can’t wait to put them on paper and bring this beauty to life.

This silk beauty, rich in colour and full of grace reminds me of royalty. Can’t wait to treat her like the queen that she is.

This mesh beauty I paired with the plum bridal satin as lining. It’s chic and trendy. Styling this will be too much fun…can’t wait!

Lastly, we have another chiffon beauty. Rich in colours and a little sheer. I haven’t decided what to use this for but stick around and find out.

That’s all for now guys. In my next post I’ll share tips on how to shop for fabric and other sewing materials.

Opinions and suggestions are welcome so please feel free to comment or send an email.

If you would like to purchase fabric from me or through me, I am waiting to hear from you.

P.S: All these fabrics are under N8,000 so don’t panic. Lol

See you on the next post. Have a beautiful week ahead!😙


  1. The fabrics are absolutely georgous,cant wait to see what you’d make out of them. love your blog and would love to see more!kudos


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