MORNINGS: How I survive

Good morning guys!

Is it just me or do y’all also have a problem with waking up early?

Coffee, Morning Hero

I am so not a morning person, I never feel like doing anything before 7am which is crazy considering I’m juggling a 9-5, a blog and a small business. 

But we all know that success has nothing to do with your feelings so even when I don’t feel like it, I have to get up and get to life because I want to be a success. So when I discovered the power of Coffee, I fell completely in love cause like coffee does not only wake me up completely, it enhances my metabolism (which is a major benefit) and activates my brain, causing the creative juices to flow.

When I don’t have coffee or when I feel like something else, I opt for green tea…yeah, it works just as well and with more benefits.

Morning magic

Green tea has lots of health benefits and antioxidant properties which makes it an even better option. So if you’re not about the coffee life, try green tea.

Another way I overcome my mornings is by talking to the people I care about. I either chat up my bestfriends or call them up, share a few jokes and personal stuff. This makes me happy and kind of gives me a reason to like, get up and get going, if not for anything, just so I can have what to share with them the next day and with that in mind I actually end up achieving a lot.

I hope your mornings are not as frustrating as mine.😁

Thanks for reading till the end.


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