My First Ever Hike Experience

Hiking in Abuja
Hike location

You guys!

I went hiking for the first time in my entire life! Yes, me.

So on friday, a friend of mine came over and we were having our usual “girl talk” when she mentioned she was part of a group and they go hiking every other weekend and that I was invited. I was still trying to process the entire information but before I could respond she became persistent so I made a promise to her that I would join in. As I was getting ready for bed that night my body was asking me; “are you sure?” And I started feeling one kind. I just told myself, “relax let morning come first”. Lo and behold, the dawn of a new day and I was still a bit hesitant. First of all, I had to wake up early, which is not exactly my thing. Said a prayer, checked my phone for calls and messages but found none so I was like ah! It’s like they’re not doing again sef… so I went back to sleep. Small time, my phone started ringing and I thought; “God don catch you”. I answered the phone and it was my friend (Jesus is Lord!🙆‍♀️) asking if I was on my way to the rendezvous point already.. (me that they’re waiting for me to talk my own in the dream discussion). I don’t like lies, so I jejely told her I was still at home but I’ll be on my way soon. That’s how I jumped up and put on my ceremonial robe (i.e my workout clothes because I barely workout).

God helped me to get there in time for departure and we began the missionary journey that was my first ever hike experience.

At first it was looking like a joking sturvs. You should have seen me strutting like a gazelle, feeling like a champion star trekker. Ordinary 5mins into the hike somebody was about to drop (and by “somebody” I mean me). Please look at the picture above one more time and understand that in this 5mins we were still at ground level. It took about an hour plus to get to the top so in other words, we never even start. That was when I realised how unfit I am and I began to panick. I started thinking of all the many things that could go wrong like; what if I faint, or suffer an asthmatic attack ( I’m not even asthmatic). I became worried. But these people I was in company of are amazing. They are so positive and encouraging. They knew it was my first time and they were very supportive.

I’m sure I took the most breaks because I don’t think I would have made it otherwise.

Hiking in Abuja
Meet the team

In the words of Cece Winans, “it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it”.

Hiking in Abuja
Victory jump

It’s two days later and the pain I feel is not friendly but I appreciate it and I’ve decided to be more active for the sake of my well being.

Thank you so much for letting me bore you for this long. Your reward is here on earth.😘

In my next post I’ll be sharing tips on how to prepare for a hike (especially when it’s your first time), things I wish I knew before I went on my first hike. Stay tuned!

Have a fabulous week!

John 21:6

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